It’s the dog days of summer. Vacations, back to school plans and the summer heat often cause businesses to slow. While the number of leads often decreases your lead cost doesn’t. You might be spending $150-250/lead so how can you maximize every opportunity. Here are 3 ways.

Offer More Than One Product

Did the homeowner call about siding? Suggest they get a quote for siding and windows to save money. Recommend siding, windows, and gutters for a complete home makeover. Why should you do this? You have already paid for the lead. You have invested your time and money going to their home. Look for ways to improve your return on that lead cost.

Some contractors may be hesitant afraid of losing a sale by offering too much. This can be avoided by giving the homeowner two quotes. One for the work they requested and another with the additional work included. Often homeowners want to accomplish multiple projects with minimum time. If you can save them money in the process you stand a better chance of closing the sale. Also if your competition didn’t do this, they are more likely to buy from you. The last thing they want to do is have another appointment with another salesman. Quickly finalizing a sale is often convenient for the homeowner.

You Only Sold One Product

So you didn’t offer multiple products but still closed the deal. That’s okay. You can still maximize that lead. Give your past customers a courtesy call. Ask if they are still enjoying their new windows, sunroom or deck. Thank them again for their business and remind them that you would be happy to handle any future renovations. This is an excellent way to generate sales. If they trusted you with previous work, then likely they will not solicit bids from your competition.

Email marketing is also an excellent way to remind previous customers of all your products. They may know you sell windows and siding but they probably forgot you build decks and sunrooms. You can also offer a preferred customer discount to spur interest in new products. If you don’t have their email address, then send a letter or postcard. Those can be just as effective.
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Your Customer Already Bought Every Product You Offer

They are a satisfied customer and you’ve done every renovation but the kitchen sink. That is fantastic. Call, email or write asking for referrals. People love recommending business and helping their friends make good choices. Your past customers want to recommend you. Unfortunately, they forget when a friend or coworker mentions needing new windows or siding. Help them remember by offering a $50 gift card to their favorite restaurant for every referral that turns into a sale. Not only will they be eager to refer you but will sometimes give a little positive pressure to help close the sale.

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