Time to repaint the house? Again? A well-maintained home is every homeowner’s pride and joy. However, scraping, sanding, and painting efforts are no fun at all!

Invest in a reinforced vinyl siding for your home if you wish to experience maintenance freedom. The latest vinyl innovation delivers the same advantages as traditional siding. Reinforced siding is long lasting, highly durable, easy to clean and maintain, with a whole lot of added benefits:

    Here are 4 Main Reasons to Use Reinforced Vinyl Siding in Your Home:

Superior Protection

As its name suggests, the strengthened material equates to rigidity, excellent resistance to high winds, hail, and sleet. Built upon a foam core; reinforced vinyl siding acts as a shock-absorber to reduce the possibility of getting damaged and withstand impact under any weather. Your family will be kept safe, cozy and warm during the coldest winter days.

Lower Energy Bills

Proper insulation makes a huge difference to the level of comfort within your home. Reinforced siding promotes the thermal performance of your walls in extreme climates. The contouring foam slows down heat transfer, thus exhibiting reliable energy efficiency. Your home will be warmer in the winter season and cooler during summer, and bills are going to be delightfully lower!

A Great Alternative to Wood

Reinforced vinyl looks quite like nature’s element with its rich, textured appearance. Not only that, it feels like real wood too! Reinforced siding has excellent permeability towards preventing moisture retention and pest infestation. Unlike wood, it won’t split, peel, nor rot. There’d be no worries of mold and mildew along with associated health risks.

A Beautiful Home

Vinyl siding has long been an excellent choice for the budget savvy, though it lacked a bit on visual aesthetics. Now reinforced, it’s a win-win! It provides additional support to the siding panel where imperfections have no place to form. Reinforced vinyl arrives in different designs and shades that won’t fade since the color goes through the siding’s panel. There’d be no painting needed whatsoever to maintain your home’s curb appeal.

Free up your schedule for what matters most! Get reinforced vinyl siding and enjoy the peace of mind of keeping your family safe and warm, in a vibrant home for years to come. Want to learn more, contact your Vinyl Design Sales Representative.