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Is a Metal Roof Right for Your Home?

Maybe you’ve decided that it is time to build your dream home or you’ve noticed that your current home needs a new roof. Since you rarely think about your roof, unless it leaks, most people pick the most common materials for their roof, asphalt shingles....

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Should You Replace Your Front Door?

The front door is the unsung hero of your home. It protects your home from uninvited guests and the elements while doing its’ best to look good and add to your home’s aesthetic appeal. All of this 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without a vacation. Yet, if...

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Is Your Roof Ready for Summer Storms?

Whether you love summer with its lazy days at the beach and pool or hate the heat, one thing is certain, summer and the storms that often accompany it, are upon us. Thanks to the rapidly increasing temperatures, conditions are just right for a serious...

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What Should You Know About Window Alarm Systems?

Knowing that approximately 2.5 million residential burglaries occur each year, it’s only natural that you may become more concerned about your home security [1]. Accounting for the fact that that around 66% of burglars enter through windows, your thoughts...

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Feeling a Draft in Your Windows?

Spring is officially here. Although warmer temperatures are on the way, spring breezes will create chilly mornings and evenings. Unfortunately, if your windows are drafty, you’ll definitely notice those blustery blasts of air and see a higher monthly...

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